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Kids First protects privacy of children and parents during separation and divorce.
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Kids First! is a web-based collaborative law software program, meaning that you do not have to install software on your computer.

The benefits of this model are that updates and enhancements are automatically available to you (at no additional charge) and the software is accessible 24/7 via any internet connection, whether it be at home, office, mobile device, cafe, airport or library. The speed of your internet connection may impact the speed that various forms and features download. Most parents experience quick and easy access to all areas of this easy-to-use software in seconds, even from a dial-up internet connection.

Securely protecting your personal data is as important to us as it is to you.
All information provided to Kids First! is protected by our Privacy Policy.

Because we want you feel confident in fully using this web based software, we have integrated best practices and proven methods of software and internet security to protect your data.

How Kids First! protects information about you and your children.

When you log in for each session, we require you to provide your User ID and Password to authenticate your identity. We protect your User ID and Password as it travels over the Internet from your computer to our secure server.

Your User ID and Password are encrypted within our Database Server and are not viewable or accessible by any person other than you. Our Database Server is on a totally different computer than the Web Server computer that hosts the user interface and content. In the unlikely event anyone gains access to the user interface or Web Server, your data is still protected because it resides on a different system at a different layer and is encrypted.

After you successfully log in, we use "encryption algorithms" whereby your computer and our secure servers agree on a random number among billions of possible numbers, which remains your session key for the length of that particular use of the software only. Encryption makes data extremely difficult to interpret because it translates data into random letters and numbers until it reaches its authorized destination, where a key re-translates the random letters and numbers back into data. Passwords, commands, and data are encrypted with 128 bit encryption algorithms, the most powerful encryption technology allowed by the U.S. government.

We also use security protection known as a "firewall" to protect your use of the online software, computer systems and the data you input into child custody, child support, visitation agreement and calendar features of Kids First! online. Firewalls can be thought of as a selective barrier that only permits legitimate users to access our computer systems. Your User ID and Password authenticate your right to access your personal data and the firewall opens for your access.

Kids First! uses a "timeout" feature to automatically log you off of your current session after a period of inactivity, ensuring that your session and personal data will be protected if you get distracted and forget to log out. You may adjust the length of this timeout feature if it begins to impact your use of our forms, agreements, calendars and advice tools.

Buy Kids First! Now - Guaranteed* Best!
*We GUARANTEE that KidsFirst! is the best parenting solution or just ask for your money back!

Kids First! Collaborative Law Software empowers parents to determine the future of their children with child custody, visitation, and child support agreements quickly, privately and cost-effectively.

Kids First! Web-Based Software
is easy-to-use legal software that creates your parenting plan, child custody agreement, and visitation calendar by simply answering a few questions in less than one hour.

Kids First! Parenting Plan Software can help save a family you care about from costly legal fees and unnecessary stress from separation and divorce with this easy-to-use and affordable web based tool.

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Collaborative divorce law software designed to help parents navigate their way through
separation, child support, visitation and child custody, while putting Kids First!

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