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Helping Separating and Divorcing Parents Put Kids First!


Kids First! is an easy-to-use self-guided parenting plan software created to help separating and divorcing parents better understand, and work through, the legal separation and divorce process to cooperatively minimize the stress on their children.

Because co-parenting greatly improves the ability of parents to protect the emotional and physical health and chances for success of children of divorce, we want to help families work through the details in a way that protects the children. When the children’s needs remain a priority throughout the separation, divorce and the years to follow, everyone wins.

Child psychologists, family court judges, mediators, and family law attorneys agree that children of divorce are adversely affected by a parents who cannot come to agreements on how to co-parent after the marriage ends. We know you love your children. We also know that despite the dissolution of the marriage, most parents want to have an equal role in their children’s lives long after separation and divorce. Kids First! is designed to help you build a plan that you can both agree to, protecting the children from animosity and anger from long and costly custody battles. Parents who have used Kids First! agree that when you work together, everyone wins!

Henry Koltys

The family law expert and parenting advisor for Kids First! is Henry Koltys, a family law mediator, a single father, a retired judge and attorney, Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for neglected and abused children, he has experienced, first-hand, how family separation and divorce affect children. Mr. Koltys is a bar member of the San Francisco Bar Association and the Supreme Court of Vermont. The wisdom and guidance within Kids First! reflect his over 30 years of legal experience and 21 years of parenting.

Mr. Koltys continually improves the content of Kids First! by consulting with family law judges, attorneys, mediators, and therapists who focus on mediation, collaborative divorce, and conflict avoidance. He is Chairman and General Counsel of InCap Corporation, the company responsible for Kids First!, and Chairman of The Sophia Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that supports the family law court system and children and families in transition. InCap and Sophia are donating a free version of Kids First! to the courts, families in need, and CASA. Mr. Koltys is also a family law mediator, child custody advisor, and divorce coach, helping parents, children, and spouses survive the break-up of the family. To learn more about his family law practice, visit

Mr. Koltys is also a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, an international community of legal, mental health, and financial planning professionals who work together to resolve family law conflict. IACP members use a multi-disciplinary team approach to dispute resolution (usually separation and divorce), which includes attorneys, coaches, a financial specialist, and when there are minor children, a child specialist working interactively as co-equals.

“Death, divorce, and separation are the three most stressful events in life, according to psychological research, so families who break up receive a triple blow since a family break-up is really a death. The family members need to acknowledge this death and work through issues around grief, loss, responsibility, and guilt, whether through self-help such as reading and taking time to reflect or with trained professionals in group or individual therapy.

Separation or divorce can be an opportunity for positive change, personal growth, and even transformation. With a good attitude and guidance from Kids First!, parents can create or improve positive relationships between each parent and the children. Parents who work together to avoid conflict will benefit their child for a lifetime.

Separation or divorce can provide opportunity for positive change, personal growth, and even transformation, despite the obvious challenges. With a good attitude and guidance from Kids First!, parents can create or improve positive relationships between each parent and the children. Parents who work together to avoid conflict will benefit their child for a lifetime.”

Since 1994, InCap has developed software like Kids First! for consumers and businesses to enable non-experts to make decisions like an expert. For more information, visit

InCap and Sophia Foundation donate a free version of Kids First! to family law courts, families in need, and CASA.

Family law software for separating divorcing parents.
Family law software for separating divorcing parents.




Kids First! Collaborative Law Software empowers parents to determine the future of their children with child custody, visitation, and child support agreements quickly, privately and cost-effectively.

Kids First! Web-Based Software
is easy-to-use legal software that creates your parenting plan, child custody agreement, and visitation calendar by simply answering a few questions in less than one hour.

Kids First! Parenting Plan Software can help save a family you care about from costly legal fees and unnecessary stress from separation and divorce with this easy-to-use and affordable web based tool.

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