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In the U.S. each year over 700,000 separations and divorces affect children; being caught in the middle causes long-term emotional harm impacting lifelong success.

Kids First! was created by by Henry Koltys,
a retired judge and family law attorney. This collaborative divorce web software provides separating and divorcing provides step-by-step legal guidance to protect children and parents from fighting.

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Kids First! Custody Agreements give parents the power to determine the future of their children. One or both parents can create child custody and child support agreements quickly, privately, and cost-effectively!

Kids First! Parenting Plans gives parents the power to determine parenting arrangements and visitation calendars by answering a few easy questions in less than one hour. No judges or courts need be involved!

Kids First! Parenting Plans and Custody Agreements help save families from costly legal fees, court battles, and unnecessary stress from separation and divorce—easy to use, easy to change, and easy to afford!

*We GUARANTEE that Kids First! is the best parenting solution or ask for your money back!

Kids First! helps parents work through the issues of child custody, parenting, visitation and child support as their family faces separation and divorce. This easy-to-use solution is perfectly legal, inexpensive, and minimizes stress on children and parents, helping to create positive parenting relationships. Trust between parents only happens when both are "on the same page" and Kids First! provides the same page to both parents in the form of clear, understandable agreements.

Marital separation and divorce is often a financially devastating event, resulting in outside parties determining the future of YOUR children. Protect your children and save on legal fees! Kids First! collaborative legal software helps one or both parents navigate the inevitable legal requirements to build agreements at a fraction of the cost of one hour of legal fees.

No family law attorney, mediator, judge or court administrator cares for your children more than you do. Don’t let the legal system determine the destiny of your children and your relationships. Use Kids First! to develop agreements, putting your children’s best interest first. Build co-parenting, child custody, child support and visitation agreements with advice from experts, every step of the way. Separate accounts allow parents to work through all custody, parenting, and legal issues and then compare answers. Step-by-step instructions provide guidance based on advice from legal and child psychology experts so that parents always put Kids First!

Kids First! is legal in all 50 states because it walks you through the legal process, step-by-step, to easily produce legal documents that meet all family law court requirements. Parents entering separation and divorce negotiations often turn to family law attorneys and mediators because they don’t fully understand what is required to meet family court legal requirements. Legal and child therapists agree that everyone wins when parents take action and promote life-long success for their children!

The legalities of separation and divorce can be time-consuming, daunting, and even scary. Now parents can work collaboratively with the leading legal divorce software program that provides the quick, easy, and cost-effective creation of legal documents in the privacy of your own home. Children of divorce benefit when parents work together instead of leaving the future of their children in the hands of divorce lawyers, mediators, and judges.

No need to collect and manually complete forms. Kids First! can create legal and physical child custody and parenting plan agreements in just a few hours, using your answers to straight-forward questions. Expert advice is available throughout, helping you fully understand the implications of each separation and divorce topic affecting your children. Answers are used to generate legally compliant documents you can submit to family lawyers and courts in ANY of the 50 states. For concerns about child abuse contact the police or click this link to the National Child Advocacy Center for a referral to your local agency.

Kids First! offers different levels of privacy between parents. Both can share one account and answer the custody and parenting questions together. However, if sharing does not make sense because of the breakdown of the relationship, each parent can have a secure, separate account, each providing answers which can be kept private from the other parent.

If both parents agree, Kids First! will compare the answers of both parents to show where the parents are in agreement or need to agree, promoting communication without involving judges, courts, lawyers, mediators, and therapists. Learn more about Kids First software parent accounts.


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Collaborative divorce law software designed to help parents navigate their way through
separation, child support, visitation and child custody, while putting Kids First!

Legal in all 50 states of the USA